About ICM

Where we came from

Western Tract Mission was founded in 1941 in Saskatchewan, Canada and has a long history of enabling and mobilizing followers of Jesus Christ to spread the Gospel. We have done this through: gospel literature, tracts, mailbox Bible lessons and other means. We changed our name to Impact Canada Ministries in 2014.

Who We Are

Impact Canada Ministries exists to nurture revival and mobilize witnesses of Jesus Christ in Canada. We are a Christian Evangelistic Ministry and a non-denomination registered charity.

Where we are going

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Where we are going

Our vision is to see revival come to the Canadian Church and to see our fellow believers mobilized as witnesses of Jesus Christ.

ICM News

Please check our bulletins for updates about the ministry

Impact Canada 75th (4)   hey[...]

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Weekly Thursday Prayer

Come and join us on Thursdays at 7 pm for prayer, as we seek the Lord to revive the church of Canada and to awaken sinners to salvation in Jesus Christ.[...]

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Report: Sucker River Feb. 19-25

Report: Sucker River Feb. Break Trip 2017 Last year, during feb. break, Jen and I planned on going up to Sucker River Reserve for a full week.  At that time, the Lord provided a team of 4 people.  H[...]

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Report: Big Stone Trip Jan. 20-22

              This past weekend Jen and I (Kurt), once again traveled up north to Big Stone reserve, located right next to La Ronge.  This was our 3rd trip to this reserve, as we have be[...]

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Report: Sucker River Trip Dec 2-4

Once again, we traveled up to the northern reserve of Sucker River (25 minutes north of La Ronge).  There were 3 of us all together from Saskatoon (Kurt, Jenni, Kara).  This time, we were able to ge[...]

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306-244-0446, 2222 Avenue C North, Saskatoon, SK, S7L 6C3
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